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Trivial Ternary Operator In Scala

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        //Just a quick test/exploration of Pimp My Library to reproduce the syntax of the C++ et al ternary operator 

object TernaryOp {
  implicit def fakeTernary[A](a:(A,A)) = new{
    def ?:(p:Boolean)=if(p) a._1 else a._2
  //Before adding the Tuplicator class the compiler got very confused
  // between anonymous classes
  class Tuplicator[A](a:A){
    def ~:(b:A) = (b,a)
  implicit def tuplicate[A](a:A) = new Tuplicator(a)

object TernaryTest {
  import TernaryOp._
  def main(args: Array[String]) = {
    println( (1>3) ?: 1 ~: 3 )