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Unpacking The Alpha Flex 2 Framework From The Windows Download For Use On Mac OS X

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        Assumes you've already downloaded the Windows installer to your desktop. For more details see <a href="">this post</a>.


mkdir /Library/flex2
cd /Library/flex2
unzip ~/Desktop/flexbuilder2_a1_standalone_10-14.exe InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/ -d tmp
unzip tmp/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/ D_/builds/flex2/frameworks_zg_ia_sf.jar -d tmp
unzip tmp/D_/builds/flex2/frameworks_zg_ia_sf.jar -d frameworks
unzip tmp/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/ D_/builds/flex2/lib_zg_ia_sf.jar -d tmp
unzip tmp/D_/builds/flex2/lib_zg_ia_sf.jar -d lib
unzip tmp/InstallerData/Disk1/InstData/ D_/builds/flex2/player/Version\ 8.5\ alpha\ 1/Debug/Install\ Flash\ Player\ 8.5\ OSX.dmg -d tmp
mv tmp/D_/builds/flex2/player/Version\ 8.5\ alpha\ 1/Debug/Install\ Flash\ Player\ 8.5\ OSX.dmg ~/Desktop/
rm -R tmp