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Use Qemu On Ubuntu Linux

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        you must install qemu first ... run this :
sudo apt-get install qemu
then create a virtual filesystem (to simulate a hdd) (1000000 = 10go), under your home directory
dd of=hd.img bs=1024 seek=1000000 count=0
put a bootable cd (or an "iso-file") in your cd drive (win2k, xp, linux live-cd, ...), and run
qemu -hda /home/[your_name]/hd.img -cdrom /dev/hdd -boot d -m 512 -user-net
option -hda = the virtual disk to use (~/hd.img)
option -m = memory to use (512 mo).
option -cdrom = cd-drive (/dev/hdd for me) (or an iso file)
option -boot = which drive to boot (d as the cdrom)
option -user-net : net user mode (see

and it's run like a charm ...impressive


Snippets Manager replied on Tue, 2007/03/06 - 9:34am

I've builded qemu 9 packages from a official i386 qemu build. Check there: