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Using Mmap To Do A Global Search And Replace On Windows

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        // Use win32-mmap to do a global search and replace on Windows

require 'win32/mmap'
require 'windows/msvcrt/buffer'
include Windows::MSVCRT::Buffer

Strlen ='strlen', 'L', 'L', 'msvcrt')
Strstr ='strstr', 'LP', 'L', 'msvcrt')

Dir["**/*.rb"].each{ |f|
   p f => f) do |addr|
      old_str = 'some_old_string'
      old_len = old_str.length
      new_str = 'some_other_string'
      new_len = new_str.length

      ptr1 = ptr2 = ptr3 =,old_str)

      while ptr1 && ptr1 != 0
         ptr2 += new_len
         ptr3 += old_len
         memmove(ptr2, ptr3, 1 +
         memcpy(ptr1, new_str, new_len)
         ptr1 = ptr2 = ptr3 =,old_str)