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Vim Configuration - Graphics Mode

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        This is my .gvim rc, the configuration file for gvim, vim's graphics mode. vim is "vi improved", a vi clone and so much more.

set guifont=Monospace\ 11

" Overrides settings in vim's configuration. I prefer minimal colour.

hi Normal			guifg=Black		guibg=White
hi NonText			guifg=Black		guibg=White
hi Comment	gui=none	guifg=DarkGray
hi Constant	gui=none	guifg=Magenta
hi Identifier	gui=none	guifg=DarkGreen
hi Statement	gui=none	guifg=Blue
hi PreProc	gui=none	guifg=Blue
hi Type		gui=none	guifg=Blue
hi Special	gui=none	guifg=DarkGreen
hi Ignore	gui=none	guifg=DarkGreen
hi Error	gui=none	guifg=DarkGreen
hi Todo		gui=none	guifg=DarkGreen
hi Cursor	gui=none	guifg=White		guibg=Black

autocmd GUIEnter * winpos 66 28
autocmd GUIEnter * winsize 80 45

" What is this menu for? No documentation, something to do with 'C'
" or C++ perhaps? Dunno, but I don't want it.

aunmenu Bicycle\ Repair\ Man

" If I have Python, create a dummy project menu and exececute the
" vimproject script.

if has ("python")
    if filereadable ("/home/mrw/bin/")
	amenu Project.Dummy dummy
	pyfile /home/mrw/bin/