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Windows XP System Variables

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        // Windows XP Default System Variables

%SystemDrive%  		C:

%SystemRoot% 		C:\WINNT, C:\WINDOWS

%SystemDirectory% 	C:\WINNT\System32, C:\WINDOWS\System32

%WinDir% 		C:\WINNT, C:\WINDOWS, C:\WINNT\Program Files

%ComSpec% 		C:\WINNT\system32\cmd.exe

%Temp% 			C:\DOCUME~1\Usr\LOCALS~1\Temp from C:\Documents and Settings\Usr\Local Settings\Temp

%HOMEDRIVE% 		C: The drive letter associated with the user's home directory

%HOMEPATH% 		The path to the user's home directory (excluding drive): \Documents and Settings\Guest

%OS% 			Windows_NT -> The operating system the user is running

%USERDOMAIN% 		The name of the domain that contains the user's account

%USERNAME% 		The user's name