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Working With Both Text And Canvas

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        In some applications, you need to write some code
in the input text, while the result is display on
a canvas display. For PC apps, you can just make
a two-pane display.

On pys60, however, the phone can display only
either a Canvas, a Text or a Listbox at the same time.
You cannot use two-pane interface.

The following code works around this by switching
between two displays.
from appuifw import *
import e32
sleep = e32.ao_sleep

t = Text()
c = Canvas()

running = 1
def quit():
    global running
    running = 0
app.exit_key_handler = quit

while running:
    app.body = t
    # show result
    app.body = c
    c.text((10, 50), t.get())