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Wrap All Methods Of An Object

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        Given an existing object "obj", wraps all of its methods.  In this case, the wrapper prints a log of the method invocation, and the call stack of the call, but you can modify it to do anything...

virtual_class = class <<obj; self; end

virtual_class.class_eval {
  obj.methods.each { |method|
    the_alias = method.gsub(/([^?]+)(\??)/, "\\1_orig\\2").to_sym
    alias_method the_alias, method

    define_method(method) { |*args|
        args_str = { |a| a.inspect }.join(", ")
        unless method == "to_s"
          puts "#{self.inspect_orig}.#{method}(#{args_str}) called from #{caller.inspect}"
        self.send_orig(the_alias, *args)