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Steps to Becoming VALUED

  1. Visit the "New Links" section at DZone.
  2. Vote at least one link up.
  3. Repeat daily.
  4. Bookmark and check this page often for the latest news.
  5. Get swag.
  6. Earn status.
  7. Win prizes.

Why become VALUED?

  • You see higher quality "Popular Links" since increased "New Links" voting activity sets the bar higher for links to get to DZone's front page. 
  • You can get swag by just simply voting. We make sure to recognize who our VALUED voters are and reward them with DZone t-shirts, printed Refcardz, and more.
  • You can earn status. We're working on a points system to reward our members with status across all of DZone.
  • You can win prizes. We just finished a Manning ebook giveaway to ten lucky winners in one week! Check this site often for the latest contests. 


  • Since VALUED launched, voting activity has increased significantly and the bar has been set higher. Not high enough, however.
  • Congrats to our Manning ebook winners!

VALUED Contact

 Got questions, comments, suggestions? We'd love to hear them! Send an email to Lyndsey, DZone's Community Relations Manager, at lyndsey@dzone.com


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